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We whole heartily believe in connection and community. Our goal is to build authentic relationships, eliminate stress, and make some magic along the way.

Meet Jessica

Owner/Lead Planner & Designer

I fell in love with weddings working alongside a photographer but always found myself setting aside the camera to help with the dress, or dashing to help the bride make a timely grand entrance. Now, I get to help plan special moments for my couples to embrace throughout the planning process.

I knew going into this industry I would find the job that I loved, but I never knew how much it would change for me. Through my work as a wedding planner, I have forged lasting friendships and had the privilege of witnessing many beautiful love stories. I pinch myself at every wedding knowing I’m helping each of you create beautiful and indelible core memories.

Some of my favorite things in life are… snowboarding, hiking, traveling to new cities, spending time with loved ones, and great food!

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