How to Keep Guests Entertained During Your Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings have so many great benefits for couples and families alike. One of the most significant benefits of having an intimate wedding is getting to spend more quality time with those closest to you. While quality time is so enjoyable, many couples still wonder how to keep their guests entertained while hosting a small intimate wedding. So we are here to break down some interactive and fun wedding entertainment ideas for your guests. 

Hiring A Live Painter

One engaging and memorable way to keep your guests entertained is by hiring a live painter! This involves bringing in an artist to capture one of the many beautiful moments of your special day on canvas right in front of your guests.

Whether it’s a representation of your ceremony, a beautiful pose of you and your partner, or any other significant moment, the painter will create a stunning keepsake that your guests can witness and that you can cherish for years to come.

We highly recommend Hannah Wilson Art if you are interested in hiring a live painter. Hannah is one of the most talented live painters in the wedding industry, and after chatting with her, we firmly believe that every wedding should have a live painter!

“Live wedding painting is a beautiful, unforgettable, investment that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. I will paint a fully custom portrait of your wedding on-site in real-time, preserving a scene both on canvas and in memories. I typically paint anywhere from 3-6 hours either until the painting is finished or the event ends—captivating your guests and giving you a unique, irreplaceable heirloom painting to treasure forever.”

Hannah is based in the gorgeous and adventurous mountain town of Durango, Colorado. She is willing to travel anywhere in the four corners area (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona) to create your live wedding painting.

Go check out more of her work here! 

Image: Jason and Daris photography

Guest Painting Project

Another fantastic option to consider is a guest painting project. This interactive activity allows your guests to collaborate and paint the picture together, resulting in a unique fun activity that your guests will love. The best part about this is your guests don’t even have to be artists to participate.  It not only keeps your guests entertained but also creates a meaningful and personalized work of art that you can display in your home as a cherished memento of your special day.

You can find personalized paint-by-number kits online, allowing you to choose a design that resonates with you and your partner. Wedding day all your guests will need to do is match the numbers on the canvas to the number on the paint and then stay (somewhat) within the lines.

We highly recommend looking into Paintillio for your paint-by-number art. Paintillio creates custom paint-by-number murals and interactive art, for everyone. They turn any photo or image into custom paint-by-number kits of any size that will include all of the materials needed for the project, including acrylic paints to match the image and brushes. They are 100% women-owned and operated out of BC, Canada, but distributed worldwide. Their mission is to create high-quality, hands-on, collaborative art projects that are accessible to everyone.

Check out their website here!

Crossword Puzzles

Another interactive activity to entertain your guests is a group crossword puzzle. You can do this by creating a customized crossword puzzle incorporating clues and answers that reflect your relationship together. Easily do this by providing copies of the crossword puzzle and pencils to each table or group of guests.

You could even print a large poster board to place on an easel for guests to write on. This will encourage your guests to work together, sharing their knowledge and memories, to solve the crossword puzzle as a team. Not only does this activity spark conversation, but your guests will enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to bond over a shared activity.

Lawn Games

Last but certainly not least is lawn games. This is an easy way to keep your guests entertained all while creating a little friendly competition and fun through the wedding. Setting up a designated area with various lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, or croquet is a really fun way to have guests enjoy their time together.

To add a personal touch, consider having your guests write love notes, words of wisdom, or special messages directly onto the game pieces, such as the blocks of giant Jenga, or cards. This not only adds a sentimental element but also creates a keepsake that you can revisit and cherish long after the wedding day.

Remember, the most important aspect of your wedding is the celebration of your love and commitment, and the presence of your loved ones will create a joyful atmosphere no matter the activities you provide. Focus on creating a celebration full of warmth and love, and rest assured that your guests will be thrilled to be a part of your special day.

Craft Events is here to lend a helping hand if you’re planning a small intimate wedding. We would love to connect with you and discuss your micro-wedding plans. Feel free to reach out, and let’s have a chat!


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